Why We Like Doreo Hosting


Why We Like Doreo Hosting

September 10th, 2007

Doreo Web HostingDoreo Hosting is another smaller web host, which have gained a lot of traction lately.

Previously Doreo was probably mostly know as the hosting sponsor for the popular PHP forum software phpBB, but earlier this month Web Host Magazine gave Doreo an Editors’ Choice for Web Hosting award , which will probably increase their recognition a great deal.

Some of the features we like about Doreo:

  • Spam Filtering
    Doreo utilizes the state of the art hardware spam filter Mailfoundry. All email goes through 3 stages of filters. First a realtime blacklist of known spammers, then an anti-virus filter and finally a spam filter.
  • Site Backups
    Doreo uses software from Righteous Backup to backup every web site, mailbox and database every hour!
  • Transparency
    Doreo posts their uptime for all their servers on their blog every month together with their spam protection stats.

We love to hear your opinion about Doreo Hosting so if you have any expericence with them please post a comment.

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